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Beef Steak

Hayknot Strip

Homestead Country Store’s cattle are pasture pampered, confinement free country girls. To get this plump and juicy physique, they are raised in a stress free environment, having plenty of time to focus on their appearance and grow at their own rate, without worry of being overworked. They take great pride in staying just the right size, not too fat and not too skinny!

Even though they are very affordable, don’t kid yourself… they’re no “cheap piece of meat”! Being very healthy and nutritious the old fashioned way, without added growth hormones, additives, preservatives and fillers.

All products are USDA inspected and sold by the piece/pound, allowing the consumer to purchase as much or as little as they need or want.


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HayKnot Strip (NY Strip)
‘Ol Homesteader (Rib Steak)
Big Hoss (Rib Eye)
Roughrider (Tenderized Round)
Pack Iron (T-Bone)
HayKnot Fillet (Tenderloin)
Longrider (Top Sirloin Steak)
Chuckwagon (Chuck Steak)
Tri-tip Steak
Sirloin Tip Steak
Stew Meat
Top-Bottom Round Roast
Eye of Round Roast
Arm Roast
Chuck Roast 
Tri-tip Roast
90/10 Hamburger pound packages
90/10 Hamburger Patties 

Homestead Country Store Steak Glossary

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