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Whole Chicken


Homestead Country Store  
believes that everyone should have the opportunity to "EAT LIKE A RANCHER", by feeding their bodies and families tasty, healthy and nutritious chicken, the way God intended. 

Homestead Country Store’s Chicken is second to none. Raised the “Old Fashioned” way, cage free, allowed to forage and scratch, they’re still quite moody. They lay colored eggs and still resent the “Big breasts and small brains” comment!

We have a state egg number and certified egg sink. Laying hens are cage free without a rooster, so eggs cannot be fertilized. Also Eggs are gathered, washed, candled and sized daily, therefore eggs are ALWAYS fresh!

All products are USDA inspected and sold by the piece/pound, allowing the consumer to purchase as much or as little as they need or want.


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Whole Chicken
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